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Zynga to shut down its Baltimore studio and merge three other locations

Zynga has revealed it is shuttering its Baltimore studio, as it makes strides to become more cost-efficient. It is also consolidating studios in three other cities.

The move, which isn't particularly surprising given the developer's recent fortunes, follows the resignation of Zynga's former chief designer Brian Reynolds and the shutdown of "CityVille 2", the game Reynolds was involved in.

About one per cent of Zynga's workforce, which amounts to roughly 30 employees, will be let go because of the move. The studios that the social game publishing giant is consolidating are in locations that are in close proximity to each other – which means the two Austin studios will be merging into one, with another two studios in New York merging and two Texas studios moving to Dallas and North Austin.

Zynga will be able to preserve on real estate and operations costs, without having to drop a large number of its staff members.