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Hong Kong labour watchdog lashes out at Apple for failing to monitor labour practices

Student & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM), a Hong Kong based labour watchdog, has published a report that slams for failing to oversee the labour practices of its suppliers.

According to the report, despite a 72 per cent rise in the total number of audits it conducted in 2011, Apple was still lagging far behind than what was expected from it to safeguard the interest of labourers working across its suppliers' facilities.

"Apple claims that it requires its suppliers to uphold its workers' basic human rights as understood by the international community, and to treat them with dignity and respect. In contrast, our investigations demonstrate that Apple supplier factories are intensifying a military-style management of workers," the report read.

The report is based on SACOM's interviews with 130 workers from three factories owned by Pegatron, Wintek and Foxlink, all of which supply components to Apple. According to SACOM, complaints of unpaid work, unachievable work expectations, excessive overtime and a myriad of other types of inhumane working conditions were common in these three facilities.

Earlier this year, the iPhone manufacturer released its annual Suppliers Responsibility Report, in which the company claimed to have conducted 393 audits in its suppliers' facilities in 2012.