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MWC 2013: Kyocera's prototypes show us the future of mobile

Kyocera may not be the name you think of when you think of the future of mobile technology, but the manufacturer had some pretty interesting prototypes on display at Mobile World Congress this year.

First up is what Kyocera calls its "Organic" design (see image, top), which is basically a curved glass screen. But not just a little curvy, like the Nexus S. We're talking full-on, angled to the contours of your hands and face curves. There may not be much of a benefit to the design outside of comfort, but it sure looks nice.

Then there's the "Infinito," which is a display that wraps longitudinally around the front and back of the handset, creating a frameless display. Judging by the prototype, you'd be able use the back part of the display as an additional control panel for the front. Or you could use it for something else completely, for true multitasking. And you can create a row of touch-based control keys on the bottom of the display, where the glass curves.

Next up is the "Air Mini," which reminds me a little of the iPad mini, if it were a phone. The device is meant to be worn as a pendant, and operated with only one hand. Side haptics would allow you to control it. This one is a little lost on me.

Finally, Kyocera's "Airdraw Tab" is part tablet, part video conference tool. It's basically a video conference-focused tablet, with LTE support so you're always connected. An attached camera makes sure everyone fits into the picture. It can also be used to host the world's coolest Skype parties.

Some of these innovations seems a little less useful than other. I'm all about the wraparound glass, for instance, but not quite sold on the pendant. But these are all interesting ideas, and some of the cooler examples of upcoming technology I've seen at the show so far.