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Second iPhone passcode bypass vulnerability discovered

A major security glitch has been found again in Apple's much criticised iOS 6.1, this time within a month of the first one having been found.

The newly discovered glitch is similar to the previous flaw – a passcode-bypass vulnerability that attackers can exploit to access users' photos, contacts and other sensitive data using a series of steps on an iPhone running iOS 6.1.

The exploit involves manipulating the phone's screenshot function, emergency call function and the power button. Users can make emergency calls and then cancel it while toggling the power on and off to get temporary access to the phone.

Once in, the attacker can get the phone's screen to turn black and then connect it to a computer via a USB cord. The device's photos, contacts and more will be available directly from the device's hard drive without the pin to access following these steps.

Apple updated the OS earlier this week but failed to address the recent passcode bug. The patch resolved an Exchange calendar that had been affecting some users' phones' network activity and battery. Representatives from Apple say that the firm is aware of the bugs and are developing a fix right now.