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US grants amnesty to streaming site that 'promoted piracy'

The former operator of, a controversial website that hosted links to a number of major sports streaming websites, has made a pact with the US Government in order to avoid prosecution.

Brian McCarthy was arrested by in 2011 for his alleged involvement in criminal copyright infringement through Prior to his arrest, the government also seized the domain name of the website. Despite not offering any streaming service of its own, was known for hosting links to multiple third-party sports streaming sites, and therefore found itself in the line of fire when the US government started cracking down on illegitimate sports streaming sites.

In the agreement, the US attorney said it was in the best interest of all concerned parties to grant amnesty to McCarthy.

"[After] a thorough investigation, it has been determined that the interest of the United States and your own interest will best be served by deferring prosecution in this District. Prosecution will be deferred during the term of your good behavior and satisfactory compliance with the terms of this agreement...," read the agreement between McCarthy and the government, which was obtained by TorrentFreak.

In November, British student Richard O'Dwyer reached a similar agreement with the US, after facing extradition over copyright charges related to his TVShack site.