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WhatsApp coming to BlackBerry 10 in March

Since its launch back in January, we've found a number of reasons to get excited about BlackBerry 10, not least the positively doggy Balance feature that allows users to oscillate between sandboxed work and leisure environments on their handset.

Unfortunately, you wouldn't add app availability to the list of BB10's strengths at this stage, and that's a major problem in the eyes of many mobile boffins.

However, there's good news for BlackBerry-loving text enthusiasts, as universal messaging platform WhatsApp is finally set to arrive on the new OS in March.

At least, that's what we're led to believe following a tweet by WhatsApp "business guy" Neeraj Aropra.

"WhatsApp is coming to BB10 some time in March," Mr Aropa posited on the social network.

The addition of WhatsApp could be key to BlackBerry 10's future success, as it will play a major part in driving cross-platform SMS communications. At present, BlackBerry's infamous BlackBerry Messenger service only allows for texting between BlackBerry devices.

Specific details of WhatsApp's arrival on BB10 have yet to be announced, so watch this space for more information in the near future.

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