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Google search field trial gets Calendar integration

Forgot what time your dinner date is? Just Google it.

The search giant has expanded its Gmail Search Field Trial to include Calendar results, allowing participants to find an entire day's schedule by typing "What is on my calendar today" into the search bar.

Or, more specifically, simply Google "When am I meeting Bryan" to know exactly what time your lunch plans are happening.

"A search is a search," the company wrote in its Google+ announcement. "And with the field trial you can securely see results that are important to you, no matter where the answer may be."

Not everyone is blown away by the new feature, though. Among the handful of comments left in response to Google's post, user Shawn Conlin questioned the process: "Maybe the usefulness of this will strike me later. If I want to know about something on my calendar or my agenda for the day, I will just open my calendar and look."

User David Inkpen mirrored Conlin's snark, writing, "Type 'what is on my calendar today' or click 'Calendar'... Yeah well done, Google."

The field trial launched in August, when Google added some users' personal Gmail messages to their search results as part of a "limited trial." When a participating user typed a search query into, related information from their personal emails showed up in the right column.

US residents with a Gmail account who are interested in joining can sign up online. Participants will receive an email once the account is ready, though Google noted that it may not be able to activate the experiment for everyone.

Other perks of the search field trial include the ability to search for personal files - documents, spreadsheets, presentations - from Google Drive; find scheduled events like concerts or sports games (search "my events"); locate receipts (search "my purchases"); check hotel or restaurant reservations; and get information and status updates for upcoming flights (search "my flights").