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MWC 2013: AMD demos HP-based Richland system

AMD is not a brand you usually encounter at Mobile World Congress but the rising importance of mobile computing which goes hand in hand with falling shipments for desktop PC means that it was only a matter of time before AMD joined the fray.

The company had Temash systems (more here) and a single, lonely Richland model, which runs on a converted HP Envy M6. Our guide on AMD’s booth told us how they purchased an off-the-shelf device, then swapped the A8 APU inside for a Richland-based APU with very minimal changes, showing that the advantages of a same-socket structure.

Richland – which is the follow up to Trinity - was presented earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas and will power the A10 and A8 AMD APU series. Unconfirmed sources revealed that the top of the range model will run at 4.1GHz with an AMD HD 8670D GPU clocked at 844MHz.

Although it was demoed on a Temash system, we expect AMD to deploy its AMD Experiences scheme to Richland, allowing customers to make optimal usage of the hardware. We’d be keen to see whether there would be a market for Richland-based tablets/hybrids coupled with the Turbo Dock feature.

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