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MWC 2013: Product manager confirms LG Optimus G Pro unlikely to hit UK

One of the buzz products of MWC 2013 has been the LG Optimus G Pro smartphone, a bright and powerful 5.5in model that has seen people flock to the Korean firm’s display booth, and a device that impressed in our hands-on this week.

So it will disappoint many mobile enthusiasts in the UK that the Optimus G Pro is unlikely to reach our shores at all in its current guise.

The news was first reported by Rob Kerr of Omio, who noted that the UK’s lack of wider 4G coverage until the official rollout later this year would prevent it from taking advantage of the phone’s high-speed LTE capabilities, thus eliminating Britain from LG’s main global launch.

And when ITProPortal probed LG’s UK Product Manager Shaun Musgrave on the matter, Musgrave admitted, “I’m not sure if that [current Optimus G Pro] will be the UK version that we’ll see.”

He said the main focus of LG in the UK through the first half of 2013 was promoting its less premium L-series line. However, Musgrave did add, “We will have another member of the G series family later in the year,” - a handset that would be targeting the UK.

Let’s hope the spring time 4G rollout goes smoothly so we don’t miss out on any other impressive devices this year.