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Spotify iOS app gets new interface, bug fixes

Spotify has launched an updated version of its iOS app, bringing a revamped user interface and new options to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch listeners.

"It's undergone a little redesign, and includes a number of changes that means you'll use the app a little differently," the company's release notes said.

Notably, the application now includes a new sidebar, which appears by swiping left to right, or by pressing the lined button in the top left corner. Options include search, radio, playlists, inbox, friends, and "What's New" — a look at top tracks and new releases.

Additionally, Spotify added a Now Playing bar, situated at the bottom of the screen with the current artist name and song title next to a play/pause button. To switch tracks, just swipe a finger along the bar; tap or drag it up to get more details about the song, give it a thumbs up or thumbs down, or skip the track.

Users can now tap the "..." button next to any listed track to see a redesigned context menu, including the ability to add the song to a playlist or queue, give it a star, share the track, go to the artist's page, or start a radio station.

Spotify took this update opportunity to fix some issues with its iOS app, including the "Track only available online" bug that sometimes appeared after startup, or when the user had been offline for some time.

Also, the lock screen will now always display the correct track, and shuffle now switches off after clicking "Shuffle Play" on an album or playlist.

Version 0.6.0 comes less than a month after Spotify launched on Windows Phone 8.

Spotify's streaming services are available only to subscribers, but the app does offer a free Internet radio option, which was added in June 2012. Spotify Premium costs £9.99 per month, and members get a 30-day free trial.

The updated app is available for download in the Apple iTunes Store.