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Today's Tech: LG Optimus G Pro may not reach UK, 'MiniDuke' malware hits European governments, Dell Optiplex 9010 reviewed

One of the buzz products of MWC 2013 has been the LG Optimus G Pro smartphone, a bright and powerful 5.5in model that has seen people flock to the Korean firm’s display booth, and a device that impressed in our hands-on this week. So it will disappoint many mobile enthusiasts in the UK that the Optimus G Pro is unlikely to reach our shores at all in its current guise. LG’s UK Product Manager Shaun Musgrave confirmed the reports to ITProPortal in Barcelona and said the main focus of LG in the UK was promoting its less premium L-series line. However, Musgrave did add, “We will have another member of the G series family later in the year,” - a handset that would be targeting the UK. Let's hope it's up to the Optimus G Pro's standard to soften the blow of this episode.

A whole computing experience, fusing home and work applications, packed into a diminutive USB stick. That's Project Ophelia, the forthcoming product from Dell Wyse that we saw previewed at MWC this week. Plug Ophelia into any compatible TV or monitor and the user has a fully functioning personal display device without the need for a PC, smartphone or tablet. It was designed primarily for use in the enterprise, but at $99 and it's ability to run high quality games, video and music, the company admits it could be a consumer favourite too. Follow the link for more.

Outside the mobile realm, we learned today that researchers have discovered a new strain of malware that blends old-school and modern techniques to attack government systems around the world. The 'MiniDuke' malware, identified by researchers at Kaspersky Lab and CrySys Lab, has hit government computers across Europe, with Belgian, Portuguese and Irish institutions being infected over the past week. Across the ocean, US research institutes and a healthcare provider were also targeted. Read on to find out more about the unusual malware, which used multiple backdoors to reach targets.

All-in-one PCs are all the rage these days, with tech firms hedging more of their bets on the more lucrative enterprise market. Over the past year, Dell has introduced a series of all-in-one PCs and James Morris took its latest, the Optiplex 9010, for a spin. James described it as a direct competitor to Apple's 21.5in iMac, but how does the touchscreen computer measure up? "The Dell Optiplex 9010 All-in-One Touch makes a commendable stab at a more corporate, PC version of the iMac. It's still quite stylish, and the touchscreen will be attractive for certain applications – perhaps demonstrating graphics or a touchscreen optimised point of sale system. It makes Windows 8 that little bit easier to live with, too," he concluded. Read on for more details about the computer.