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Viddy updates iOS app with longer clips and new video enhancement tools

Video sharing service Viddy has released an update for its iOS app with a range of new features that the company says will make it a lot easier for users to record, enhance, share and discover videos.

The update, which was rolled out to iOS users earlier this week, doubles the maximum video length from 15 seconds to 30 seconds so that users can record longer clips with their mobile devices. In addition, the app will also sport a range of new features such as the ability to pause anytime during a recording session and merge different segments together into a single video clip.

The update also brings with it 15 additional video filters, a library of licensed music tracks that users can add to their videos, and a stop-motion feature that can be used to customise video frame rates.

"A big part of movie creation and storytelling is motion within a video," Viddy president J.J. Aguhob told TechCrunch.

"Instead of a flat linear clip, there's the ability to stitch together the passage of time...It allows people to be creative and tell a better story through video," he added.