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Dropbox users report spam emails amidst fears of data breach

Dropbox users are reporting receiving spam messages through the unique email addresses associated with their accounts on the file hosting service. The issue is a particular cause for concern given Dropbox's high-profile security breach last year.

The issue was first raised by user Forrest F, who asked in Dropbox's support forum why the company had leaked or given out his email address.

"I have an internal to my company email address that I used for Dropbox only and I am getting the same fake Paypal scam emails. This has been happening since about Monday," explained another user.

Since then, more users have stepped forward claiming that they were also receiving spam emails in the dedicated email addresses they created for their Dropbox subscriptions.

The initial response from Dropbox is that this might be yet more fallout from the 2012 security breach and that it is investigating the matter. The company said it doesn't believe the spam emails are the result of a new data breach, but said it "remains vigilant given the recent wave of security incidents at other tech companies."