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Motorola products lack ‘wow’ factor, says Google exec

The products Motorola has in development don't quite meet Google's own "wow" standards, said the search giant's chief financial officer Patrick Pichette at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference.

Motorola, Pichette said, was left with nearly a year and a half worth of products to launch when Google acquired it officially last year, including the Droid Razr M and Droid Razr Maxx HD.

"The case with Motorola is that we've inherited a pipeline," Pichette said.

"Motorola has a great set of products, but they're not really like 'wow' by Google standards. Dennis Woodside [CEO of Motorola Mobility] and his team have inherited 18 months of pipeline that we have to drain right now," he added.

The admission on Pichette's part suggests the 18-month backlog that Google inherited from Motorola may be one of the reasons the Mountain View, California-based firm has yet to release a Motorola-branded phone following the $12.5 billion (£8 billion) acquisition.