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PlayStation 4 to support Sony's 4K movie service

Sony’s PlayStation 4 will work with the Japanese firm’s forthcoming 4K movie service, Sony Electronics president and chief operating officer Phil Molyneux told the Verge (opens in new tab).

When asked whether the next-gen console will handle 4K content, Molyneux said “I promise you will not be disappointed,” indicating that the PS4 is likely to support 4K videos and photos.

Sony announced the movie service (opens in new tab), which will be the world’s first 4K video distribution platform aimed at consumers, at CES early this year. But aside from tipping this summer as a potential launch date, the company has revealed few details about what the service will look like.

However, the massive file sizes expected to be associated with 4K content could prove to be an obstacle in rolling out the service to regular consumers. Most 4K movies will be 100GB or larger in size, making 4K downloads a challenging proposition, Molyneux said File sizes and Internet speeds are “challenges that we have to work through... we've got some very good ideas that will make that a comfortable consumer experience,” he said.

Sony officially announced the PS4 last month (opens in new tab), but kept mum on many of the forthcoming console’s major details, including pricing and availability.