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YouTube iOS app gets 'send to TV' feature via new update

YouTube's latest iOS update lets users pair mobile devices with a compatible TV or set-top box to control videos on the big screen.

With the "send to TV" feature, anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can use their Apple gadget as a remote for select smart TVs, provided they're all on the same Wi-Fi network.

Sending videos from your phone to the TV is simple: On a mobile device, choose a video, then touch the icon at the top of the screen to automatically begin playback on your television. Pause and play directly from your phone or tablet, and even scrub through the video to skip the boring parts.

"Already happily using it," Calin Sandici wrote in a response to the YouTube Google+ announcement. "Amazing/awesome/astonishing feature, so obvious if you think about it. A kind of webservices for the TVs."

The automatic pairing feature is already available in the Android YouTube app; it launched in November, bringing the ability to pause, scroll, or skip to the next video as it plays. Android phone and tablet users can also search for another video or browse the web on the gadget while the video continues uninterrupted on the TV.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox have manual pairing options.

Google-owned YouTube promised compatibility with more TVs this year, including LG, Sony, Panasonic, and others.

The app update also includes improved streaming over slow Wi-Fi connections, the ability to record and upload video via YouTube capture, and overall stability improvements. Get the update for free in the Apple iTunes Store.