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Facebook sends event invites ahead of news feed revamp

Facebook has sent out invites for a 7 March event that promises to unveil an updated version of the social network's news feed.

"Come see a new look for News Feed," the invite reads.

Facebook's news feed has evolved from a quick snapshot of friends' status updates to a real-time feed that incorporates the activity of your connections on and off Facebook, as well as ads.

Back in 2009, Facebook introduced the concept of the "real-time" news feed, which added the link atop its main page to notify you that new updates had been posted.

By September 2011, Facebook added the real-time "ticker," which gave you updates on absolutely everything that was going on with your friends via a scrolling menu on the top-right corner of your screen. The news feed, meanwhile, started focusing on the "most interesting" stories. At this point, you can opt to see "Most Recent" or "Top Stories" on your Facebook feed.

Last year, ads started cropping up amidst your friends' status updates and photos. They eventually made their way to mobile, where Facebook also added the option to download apps directly from the news feed.

The last event Facebook hosted, meanwhile, was to unveil its new search option, dubbed Graph Search.