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Microsoft Surface RT goes on sale in the UK via Currys, PC World

(Update : A source from DSGi told us "I can confirm that the Surface RT will be available to purchase in the first stores this Friday, and will continue to spread through our store network over the coming weeks.")

Microsoft has start selling its Surface RT tablet (which runs on Windows RT) in PC World and Currys, both of which are part of the DSGi group. Three SKUs are available, 32GB and 64GB models with Touch Cover and the 32GB model without Touch Cover which costs £400. The devices are available both online and instore.

John Lewis is another retailer that sells Surface RT, albeit only the Touch Cover versions, but with an additional year warranty.

The visibility of Windows RT tablets in the UK is still fairly limited with the brick-and-mortar stores stocking them limited to the three aforementioned retailers. Other models running Windows RT that compete with the Surface RT include the Dell XPS 10 which costs £349, the Samsung Ativ Tab, a more expensive model that costs a whopping £480, the Asus VivoTAB RT on sale for £450 and finally the Lenovo Yoga 11 which is actually a convertible device.

As for Microsoft’s other Windows 8-based tablet product, Surface Pro, it has yet to go on sale in the UK although the company promised that it will be launched in the company months.

The official site still reads “coming soon” and we wouldn’t be surprised if it was timed to happen in May, at the same time as second version of the tablet with Intel’s Haswell onboard. Check out our reviews of the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets.