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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 security flaw allows lock screen to be bypassed

A security vulnerability has been uncovered on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, providing attackers with a potential key to a user's device.

Specifically, handsets running the new Android 4.1.2 firmware seem affected, with an OS loophole granting access even when the phone has been locked.

The flaw was uncovered by mobile blogger Terence Eden, who demonstrates in the video above how to bypass the lock screen. Hitting the emergency dial button, selecting the ICE (in case of emergency) icon, then holding and releasing the home key enables fleeting access to the main home screen.

If the attacker is quick enough, they are then able to launch applications and dial contacts before the screen locks them out again.

Though scope for a major attack is limited as calls can only be made if a direct dial widget has been set up on the home screen, and because opened applications go into the background automatically, Eden warns that there is no way to secure your phone against the vulnerability at present.

Eden has made Samsung aware of the bug but has thus far had no response to his emails. Security issues were previously raised around the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in December, when a flaw was discovered in the Exynos 4 SoC that runs in a number of Samsung devices.