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Amazon granted patent for “gravity-based” links

Online retail giant Amazon has patented a technology that pulls users' on-screen pointers towards links and clickable objects using a sort of "gravitational field" on the page.

The company points out in its application for that the technology will make pages on its website more accessible and easier to navigate, but 'gravity-based link assist' will likely be used to promote linkable objects and make buying associated products via Amazon easier.

"Some users may lack the fine motor skills desired to operate a variety of input mechanisms due to declining health, injury, etc," the company says.

"As a user moves a pointer along a trajectory across various links and objects, gravitational fields surrounding the links and objects provide a pulling effect that draws the pointer toward these fields," reads an excerpt from the patent application.

The application was filed by Amazon back in May 2010, though it may be some time before we see its effects.

Image Credit: Flickr (mikeblogs)