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£50 Gear4 Houseparty Rise docking speaker

Head over to Debenhams to check the Gear 4 “houseparty rise” docking station whose price has been halved from £100 to £50.

It comes with free delivery and the reason we suspect its price has been slashed is because it uses the old-now-obsolete 30-pin connector. The iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch use the brand new Lightning connector.

The Houseparty Rise docking speaker auto scans for FM radio stations and also uses wireless technology.

It has a dimmable display with an intelligent auto-sync alarm system. There’s even an app called SmartLink (and available for free via iTunes), that allow you to control the dock remotely.

Other features include the ability to charge your favourite Apple device, support for swipe gestures (at least when it comes to dimming the device’s screen, snooze control and a line-in port.

The device presents itself as an elegant piece of kit with the iPhone or iPod Touch sitting right in the front, at the centre of the Houseparty Rise.

Sadly enough, there’s no remote control should you want to change stations from afar.