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IBM releases Smart Building report ahead of Twitter Q&A

Continuing its research and development efforts into an energy efficient “smarter planet”, IT giant IBM has released its Smart Building report – a case study of its 'Living Lab' technology centre in Dublin which recorded annual savings of 20 per cent thanks to new methods of minimising energy consumption.

The report arrives ahead of today's Smarter Trends Twitter Q&A featuring IBM's Simon Parsons and Niall Brady. The pair will be fielding questions on the subject of energy efficient buildings from 14:30 GMT.

The Smarter Cities Technology Centre in Ireland’s capital has become a “real-world embodiment” of IBM’s smarter principles, with the team’s Analytics and Optimisation Group installing more than 2,500 sensors into the building, to provide insight and data into every aspect of the centre’s environmental impact.

Intelligent lighting systems, for example, utilise infrared sensors to determine whether a space in occupied or not, assess how much natural light there is, and then determine what level of additional artificial lighting is required.

Elsewhere, sub-meters on individual circuits provide statistics on usage and are updated every 15 minutes, meaning data is effectively gathered in real-time. Additional sensors also report on key infrastructure components like boilers, chillers, and pumps, to monitor performance and report any failures immediately.

"We had built our Green Sigma models around the data from a traditional building management system, but this could only take us so far. To create a genuinely smart building, we needed more data at a finer level of detail," said Mr Brady, a Lead Research Engineer for IBM's Smarter Buildings and Energy Analytics programme.

"We decided to invest in converting an old IBM server manufacturing facility into a fully instrumented laboratory that would give us the insight we needed to improve energy efficiency and enhance the working environment for our colleagues," he added.

For more information on the smart city revolution, be sure to frequent Smarter Trends, and don't miss out on the efficient buildings Twitter Q&A at 14:30 GMT today.