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Japanese telco introduces world’s 'smallest and lightest' phone

Japanese telecom operator Wilcom has unveiled what it claims is the 'world's smallest and lightest phone' - the Phone Strap 2 WX06A, weighing in at a mere 32g.

The device, which is the successor to Wilcom's original Phone Strap, measures only 32 x 70 x 10.7mm.

The Phone Strap 2 features a puny 1in LCD screen with a 96 x 96 pixel resolution - a far cry from the phone-tablet hybrids leading the market today. Unsurprisingly, the device does not include a camera, app store, or much in the way of battery life. It offers a talk time of two hours, or 12 days on standby. Accordingly, it is being billed by the network operator as an accessory to users' existing smartphones.

Wilcom says only 12,000 units of the Phone Strap 2 will be manufactured in black, white and pink. The device will be released later this year in Japan, with no price or global availability having been disclosed yet.