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Boston unveils AAAS or ARM-as-a-service

UK-based server provider Boston has teamed up with software developer Ellexus to announce a new service called ARM-As-A-Service, which is geared towards a developer audience looking to migrate applications to the ARM platform as seamlessly as possible.

AaaS aims to remove the biggest obstacle that one might encounter when looking to port apps from x86 to ARM; actually setting up the hardware and software that will run on ARM.

There are a plethora of hardware providers (Raspberry Pi, Samsung’s Arndale board, Qualcomm’s Dragonboard, ST-Ericsson Calao) and a similar array of software solutions. What Boston’s AaaS aims to do is provide with a cloud-based turnkey solution.

Boston stated that AaaS will deliver “dedicated physical quad-core nodes” rather than virtual CPU resources; it runs on Ubuntu or Fedora with more than 20,000 applications and libraries available. In addition, a number of resources (tutorials and videos) on how to use porting and tracing tools will be made available by Ellexus.

The hardware is based on Calxeda’s EnergyCore ARM-based processor technology and the servers themselves are Viridis microservers from Boston Limited. No details about pricing have been released yet.