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Retailers slow to follow Asda on £50 Wii U price cut

Asda’s decision to cut the prices of the Nintendo Wii U basic and premium packages by £50 has yet to be emulated by other major high street and online retailers.

The Walmart-owned British supermarket surprised a lot of analysts by offering the Wii U 8GB model (basic pack) for £199 and the Nintendo Wii U 32GB (premium pack) for £249.

At the time of writing, Amazon is selling the 8GB model for £248 and the 32GB one for £289 while Sainsburys and Tesco retail the Wii U 8GB for £260 (£239 at Tesco) and the 32GB model for £300 (£289 at Tesco).

We only managed to track one reputable online retailer,, which offered the Nintendo Wii U 8GB for cheaper than Asda at £189.95. However, the price of its 32GB premium package was still hopelessly high at £279.85.

Earlier this year, reports emerged that sales of the Nintendo Wii U in the US were apparently appallingly low with a leak reporting that less than 60,000 Wii U were sold in January 2013 and Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s president, has had to concede that the company’s flagship console failed to generate “enough excitement”.

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