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Customers of cloud hosting provider are reporting problems after a storage area network went offline on 6 March at 00:21 Pacific Time (08:21 GMT).

A storage area network (SAN) within's Chicago facility started having iSCSI connectivity issues, forcing the company to replace its networking stack. When that didn't fix the problem, then swapped out the networking card from the SAN.

Following this, the SAN went offline on Wednesday morning, leading to what appeared to be a widespread outage affecting many customers.

"We are in a process of moving customers with virtual machines on this SAN onto another, stable SAN," Steve Holford, marketing director of's parent company UK2Group, said in an emailed statement to The Register, adding that the migration was underway and no customer data had been lost.

Meanwhile, a support engineer from the company told The Register that the SAN upgrade that resulted in the outage was necessary to tackle performance degradation.