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Google's Field Trip app hits iOS

Google has unveiled its Field Trip app for iOS, which pulls in information about nearby attractions from blogs, deals sites, user reviews, Google's own Zagat service, and more.

Field Trip was built by Niantic Labs, a mobile apps development team within Google, which calls Field Trip "a virtual local tour guide" that serves up everything from restaurant and shopping suggestions to history and architecture tidbits.

You can customise the app to alert you to nearby deals or interesting hotspots - with the option to receive these alerts frequently, occasionally, or to shut them off. There's also the option to have the app read you information, like those museum audio guides.

Niantic said it has over 80 publishing partners for Field Trip, including Arcadia and Atlas Obscura, Sunset, Zagat, and Thrillist, with feeds updated on a daily basis.

Peruse Field Trip for your present location and the app may serve up a discount voucher for a restaurant down the street, a blog post which mentions the opening of a new coffee shop nearby, or perhaps an article about a local restaurant, with the full story opening in the Chrome browser iOS app.

You can view options in a list view or on a map. Items are divided by colour and topic: architecture, historic places and events, lifestyle, offers and deals, cool and unique, arts and museums, and food, drinks, and fun.

Each entry can be emailed or texted to a friend, or posted to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Tap the flag icon at the bottom of the page to add to your list of favourites.

Field Trip for iOS is available now in the UK via the App Store for free. The Android version launched in September.