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Samsung Galaxy S4: all the best deals, release date news, and spec comparisons

Always up for a bit of Samsung Galaxy S4 banter? So are we - and we've been keeping track of the best news about the smartphone for some time now. Now that the Galaxy S4 has been unveiled, there has never been a better time to tune into coverage and catch up on the back story, and you'll find everything there is to know about Samsung's handset below. Are you as excited about the Galaxy S4 as we are? Make for the comment section at the bottom of the article, where a heated and informed discussion is already underway.


Samsung Galaxy S4 review (opens in new tab)


Samsung Galaxy S4: hands-on preview (opens in new tab)

Release news and deals

Little known deal could save you £60 on Samsung Galaxy S4 (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 is UK's most expensive phone based on SIM-free prices (opens in new tab)

Has the Samsung Galaxy S4 been rooted prior to its release? (opens in new tab)

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Samsung Galaxy S4 on Three's One Plan from £37 a month (opens in new tab)

Virgin Media to sell Samsung Galaxy S4 (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 "unlimited" deal: £26 a month with £60 upfront? (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy on pre-order for £530 SIM-free (opens in new tab)

Post-launch comment

Apple vs Samsung: does Apple stand a chance? (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 or Apple iPhone 5: which should I buy? (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 launch: too much razzle-dazzle (opens in new tab)

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Spec comparisons

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5 spec comparison (opens in new tab)

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One spec comparison (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Google Nexus 4 spec comparison (opens in new tab)

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Hardware analysis

Samsung Galaxy S4 notches impressive Antutu benchmark (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 costs £156 to manufacture? (opens in new tab)

Did Samsung manufacture as many as 17 Galaxy S4 parts in house? (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 launch highlights Qualcomm's chipset hegemony (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 storage specs: 64GB at last? (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 connectivity specs: introducing 802.11ac (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 processor specs: predicting the benchmarks (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 camera specs: a dramatic improvement (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 GPU specs: why did Samsung defect to PowerVR? (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 display specs: 440ppi and the pentile dilemma (opens in new tab)

Samsung readying more Galaxy phablets dubbed Mega (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S3 goes entry-level with £18 a month deal (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to launch within days? (opens in new tab)

New rival to Samsung's 8-core Exynos 5 Octa chipset? (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: UK release date and pricing (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to sport 5.9in Full HD display? (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: leaked photos and specs (opens in new tab)

The launch

ITProPortal has been tracking the Galaxy S4 build-up from the outset, accumulating the most prominent rumours surrounding the Galaxy S4's design, specs and release date - the full back story can be found below. Riyad Emeran dissected the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event (opens in new tab), so you know where to head to catch up on all the key features and announcements, and you can also see the Galaxy S4 in action (opens in new tab) via Samsung's promotional video. Now that smartphone enthusiasts have been introduced to their "life companion," we've got a bevy of in-depth Galaxy S4 content in development, so stay tuned: we're in the process of getting our paws on a device to review and are also compiling a number of spec comparisons pitting the Samsung Galaxy S4 against key competitors.

The build up

13 March, 2013

With barely 24 hours to go until the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, chatter about the incoming smartphone is inevitably reaching fever - especially with regards to UK pricing. As ever, ITProPortal has the inside scoop: yesterday, we let you know that EE will be selling the Galaxy S4 from 28 March (opens in new tab), and today we're pleased to exclusive report that the Galaxy S4 will be available from £26 a month (opens in new tab) via T-Mobile.

12 March, 2013

Samsung released the first official photo of the Galaxy S4 (opens in new tab) today and, according to our image analysis, it reveals something rather surprising - that the Galaxy S4 may be smaller than the Galaxy S3 (opens in new tab). Would a more modest form factor represent an improvement on Samsung's 2012 flagship handset? Will Dalton has taken a look at the ares where the Galaxy S4 must improve on the Galaxy S3 (opens in new tab), and it's unsurprisingly must-read stuff ahead of this week's blockbuster launch.

11 March, 2013

If you've made your way to this article, chances are you're aware that Samsung is preparing to unveil the Galaxy S4 smartphone in New York City this week. The 14 March launch will be the mobile industry's highest profile event of 2013 to date, and will be closely watched by punters and enterprise leaders alike. But what does the South Korean company have in store for us? Find out what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S4 (opens in new tab)by checking out our latest feature, and be sure to let us know your predictions via the comment section at the bottom of the article. Our editor Desire Athow thinks the Samsung Galaxy S4 won't be as successful as the Galaxy S3 (opens in new tab) - do you agree?

All eyes in the tech world are on New York City this week, but have we now been treated to our first glimpse of the Galaxy S4, courtesy of China? That's what these new leaked hands-on photos of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (opens in new tab)seem to indicate. The convincing images depict an as-yet-unseen Samsung device with a design ethos obviously descended from 2012's Galaxy S3 and a full suite of new-gen specs that closely match what we expect the S4 to feature. Ten photos in all have come to light today, all of which can be viewed in slideshow form by clicking the above link.

10 March, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 starred in our weekend roundup (opens in new tab)today. Follow the link to find out more.

8 March, 2013

Our editor Desire Athow has taken an in-depth look at the Samsung Galaxy S4's rumoured specs (opens in new tab) - must-read stuff ahead of the big 14 March launch.

7 March, 2013

New screenshots of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (opens in new tab)in action have surfaced and look like they could be the real deal. In addition to a couple of general UI shots, the photo leak shows the Quick System Info PRO app running on an Android device with specs that match up very closely to we expect to see unveiled in New York City on 14 March. Unsurprisingly, there's a Full HD display in evidence, as well as a 13-megapixel camera . But will the Galaxy S4 sport a quad-core processor, or the beastly 8-core Exynos 5 Octa chipset many are anticipating? We tackle that tricky question head on in the article, so make sure to follow the link and read on.

6 March, 2013

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch creeping closer and closer, we now have as clear a picture of the forthcoming device as we're likely to get before it is actually revealed in New York City at 19:00 EST on 14 March (23:00 GMT). However, amidst all the chatter surrounding eye-tracking technology and 8-core processors, the rumour-mongers seem to have paid little attention to the Galaxy S4's design - until now. The latest reports indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will sport a cheap plastic construction, (opens in new tab)resisting the current trend for aluminium or glass smartphone design. The news that will no doubt come as a bit of a blow to potential buyers, who were hoping to see the Korean firm up the ante in the design sweepstakes in addition to packing it full of top-notch hardware. Follow the link and get stuck into the debate over aesthetics in the smartphone market.

5 March, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 may be a sight for sore eyes - literally. According to a recent report, the company's "next big thing," to be introduced on 14 March, will include eye-tracking technology that converts your eyeballs into page scrollers. Citing an anonymous Samsung employee, a respected news source explained that when the software detects that someone has reached the end of visible text on a smartphone, it will automatically scroll to reveal the next line. The news fits nicely with previous revelations regarding recent Samsung patent filings for "Eye Scroll" features , so read on for more about the Samsung Galaxy S4's eye-tracking technology. (opens in new tab)

4 March, 2013

Build-up to the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch (opens in new tab) is starting to get serious. The circulation of invites to the New York launch event last week has prompted the rumour mongers to up their game, and this morning we have seen reports relating to the storage capacity and colours of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (opens in new tab). Keen to exploit the growing momentum, Samsung has chosen to release its first teaser video for the Galaxy S4 (opens in new tab), which can be viewed below. We'll let you make your own mind up about the merits of the video - we can't really look past the nauseating little cretin featured.

Elsewhere, a purported benchmark leak appears to confirm a number of key Samsung Galaxy S4 specifications - including an 8-core Exynos Octa processor. (opens in new tab) Follow the link to find out what Samsung likely has in store for eager mobile enthusiasts next week.

27 February, 2013

Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 be a revolution or an evolution? (opens in new tab)That's the question Sebastian Anthony addresses in his latest blog post, which analyses some of the things we're pretty sure we now know about the forthcoming Android super-smartphone. Honing in on software and hardware in particular, Mr Seb says that the Galaxy S4 is likely to impress to a considerable degree, but may not be the absolute mind-bender some are predicting. Do you agree?

25 February, 2013

IT'S OFFICIAL! Samsung has confirmed it will launch the Galaxy S4 in New York City on 14 March. (opens in new tab)This will be the first US launch of a major Galaxy device in three years, said Samsung spokeswoman Chenny Kin. The new Galaxy S4 is likely to intensify the battle between Samsung and its arch rival Apple.

(opens in new tab)

22 February, 2013

Eager Samsung fans may have to exercise a little patience, as the company's forthcoming Galaxy S4 handset - originally rumoured for a 14 March launch - could be be delayed (opens in new tab) due to an unexpected hardware issue, according to a Piper Jaffray analyst. Samsung's Exynos 5 Octa processor, which the South Korean giant unveiled at CES 2013, is said to be suffering from power issues that may have prompted the company to approach Qualcomm to supply the S4's processor instead. Qualcomm's new quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip currently powers the newly announced HTC One, and runs even faster than the still-formidable Snapdragon S4 Pro processor in Sony's Xperia Z.

19 February, 2013

Potentially the biggest revelation to date broke cover today, with multiple reports apparently confirming the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch for March (opens in new tab). The eagerly anticipated handset is also being tipped for an exclusive, closed-doors unveiling at MWC next week, so follow the link for all the details of one of the hottest Galaxy S4 stories yet.

15 February, 2013

Apparently, the whole Project J schtick isn't just about one device (the Galaxy S4), but is in fact insider-speak for a range of smartphone products currently being prepped by Samsung. The latest gossip has the Korean firm releasing a host of jazzy fitness accessories this spring to complement its next flagship handset, with an arm band, bike, and pouch amongst the potential peripherals. Is a Galaxy smart watch also on the horizon? That's very much up for debate, but what does seem increasingly likely is that Samsung will launch a Galaxy S4 mini (opens in new tab) shortly after releasing the S4 proper.

6 February, 2013

Samsung is gearing up to launch its eagerly anticipated Galaxy S4 handset in March (opens in new tab), according to the latest murmurs, with a general European release set to follow in early-April. Follow the link for exact dates and more details of the biggest mobile event of 2013.

(opens in new tab)

30 January, 2013

The latest speculation has Samsung's next-gen Galaxy S4 smartphone featuring eye tracking technology (opens in new tab), after it came to light that the Korean electronics manufacturer recently filed to trademark features dubbed Eye Pause and Eye Scroll. Details regarding the potential game-changers are still thin on the ground, and if we're being honest we think it all sounds a bit optimistic for 2013. That said, it's a sensational possibility even if it does nod to the future somewhat.

24 January, 2013

New reports claim to have pinned down details of the Samsung Galaxy S4's upcoming launch. (opens in new tab) According to the loose-lipped industry "insiders," the hotly tipped handset has shifted its codename to Altius – replacing the previous Project J moniker – and will begin shipping in "week 16," or from April in Gregorian terms. Rumour has it that while a launch at February's Mobile World Congress could still be on the cards, a separate Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in March is emerging as the most likely possibility. London, New York, and Seoul - or all three, for that matter - were mooted as host city candidates.

22 January, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive "soon" according to JK Shin (opens in new tab), a top exec at the Korean electronics giant, though whether or not that points to a launch at February's Mobile World Congress alongside the recently announced Galaxy Note 8.0 (opens in new tab)remains to be seen. What does seem increasingly possible is that the S4 will feature Samsung's new generation Exynos 5 Octa processor. Benchmarks purportedly performed on the device reveal a powerful clock speed in line with the beastly 8-core chipset's speculative capabilities, as well as hinting at what Android version the S4 might run when it touches down - follow the above links for a fuller picture.

14 January, 2013

The new year has kicked off in lip-smacking fashion for smartphone enthusiasts. Last week's Consumer Electronics Show (opens in new tab) in Las Vegas really whet our appetite for 2013's blockbuster mobile releases, and while the likes of the Sony Xperia Z (opens in new tab) and ZTE Grand S (opens in new tab) are certainly tasty little morsels, what really caught our attention was Samsung's announcement of its 8-core Exynos 5 Octa chipset (opens in new tab). We're not sure whether the Korean firm will slip its new processor straight into the next Galaxy S device, or reserve it for the more power-hungry Galaxy Note 3 (opens in new tab) later in the year, but the chances of the former getting a monster SoC seem better than ever on the back of this unveiling. Overall, there's been more S4 gossip than you could shake an S Pen at of late, and our Samsung Galaxy S4 rumour roundup (opens in new tab)features spec revelations galore, an image leak, and renewed debate over the forthcoming device's release date.

Early thoughts

Technology is, by definition, a future-facing industry, so while us gadget-obsessed types fully appreciate the myriad joys that current devices like the Nokia Lumia 920 (opens in new tab) and Google Nexus 4 (opens in new tab)offer, it's always with a quiet awareness that the best is yet to come. Part of the fun of nerdery lies in fantasising about the next big thing, and the mobile phone arena lends itself particularly well to the imaginative process.

So what do handset enthusiasts have to look forward to in 2013? There has been a healthy amount of chatter already, covering everything from the arrival of the world's first 8-core handset – the ZTE Apache (opens in new tab), apparently – to the fate of perpetually beleaguered Canadian manufacturer RIM and its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 platform (opens in new tab). But somewhat inevitably, it's the arrival of the next device from smartphone giant Samsung that has us rubbing our hands with anticipatory glee.

Given that it was first released in May 2012, the Galaxy S3 (opens in new tab) is well into its life-cycle, so it's only natural that S4 rumours are becoming more and more substantive by the day. As a starting point, we know that Samsung's next flagship smartphone is indeed called the Galaxy S4 (opens in new tab), as a company executive let slip the moniker at an event in France recently. What's less certain is when and where the Korean multinational will opt to unveil the device.

Some speculation has the firm offering an initial teaser as soon as CES 2013 (opens in new tab) in January, possibly as part of the wider debut of Samsung's new flexible display technology (opens in new tab). However, the smart money is still on February's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - the aforementioned bendy screen due to be shown off in Vegas has been sized up at 5.5in, which is suitable for a successor to the Galaxy Note 2 (opens in new tab), rather than matching the needs of the S4, in our opinion. Of course, ITProPortal will be in attendance at both trade shows, so wherever the next Galaxy S device surfaces, you're assured of getting the latest news as it breaks.

What of the hardware itself, you ask? The Korea TImes claims to have been made privy to a substantial Galaxy S4 specification leak (opens in new tab), which points to a 5in device sporting an impressive 1,920 x 1,080 pixel 'Super LCD 3' display at a mind-boggling 445 ppi, coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Further speculation points to a significantly upgraded 13-megapixel camera, while yet more unconfirmed chit-chat has put forth that the next Galaxy S handset could itself be the world's first 8-core smartphone.

Given that its predecessor featured the technologies, we know that 4G LTE and NFC support is a given, and there's virtually no possibility of a defection from Google's popular Android platform, so could the Galaxy S4 herald the arrival of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie? That's another real brain teaser.

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