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Sony Xperia T & Xperia V preview: same cover, different phone

When you first look at the Sony Xperia V (opens in new tab) (not to be confused with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V (opens in new tab)) and the Sony Xperia T (opens in new tab) you wouldn't be faulted for thinking they're about the same phone. Closer examination reveals that there are some significant differences, however, so Hardware.Info put both phones side-by-side to find out how they compare.

Sony seems to be going through the entire alphabet for naming its phones, and the letter assigned to a particular phone largely represents the market positioning. By that we mean that the Xperia J is an entry-level model, while the Xperia T and V are more high-end devices. It's not true for every single Xperia, however. The Xperia U, for example, certainly is not more advanced than the Xperia T.

The Xperia T and Xperia V are high-end models currently run on Android 4.0.4, but will receive an update to version 4.1. That they're high-end is reflected by their pricing, the T costs an average of £379 and the V costs about £383 (note that you can get the Xperia T on pay monthly contracts from as little as £15.50 per month (opens in new tab)).

You could wonder why Sony is launching two similarly-priced phones that also perform almost the same. The significant difference is that the Xperia V supports 4G, courtesy of the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4Plus MSM8960. The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4Plus MSM8260A in the Xperia T does not have this feature. The two phones are less similar than what you'd think when you first look at them side-by-side. (note that in the UK, the Xperia T is more widely available).

In terms of looks the Xperia T and V clearly belong to the most recent generation of Sony smartphones. They have the same design as the Xperia Arc and Arc S, models from 2011, and the more recent Xperia J.

The Xperia V looks better than the Xperia T, which doesn't feel quite as thought-through in every aspect. The Xperia V is more streamlined, with less protruding elements, despite the fact that it has the same 13 MP camera that the T model contains. The V is a little smaller than the T, and has a smaller 4.3-inch display compared to the 4.6-inch screen of the V.

The Xperia V is equally long as the T, but has a wider edge at the top of the screen, with a larger brand name and speaker grille. The T is wider at the bottom than the V. The V is slightly narrower. Generally speaking, the Xperia V looks more balanced with its lay-out.

The Xperia V is about 20 grams lighter than the T. That's not only due to the slightly larger dimensions of the T, but also because the latter has a larger battery. That's surprising, considering the 4G module will drain more power in the V. Fortunately it's possible to replace the battery in the V, so you can carry with you a replacement. The T does not have this option.

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