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Volvo introduces cyclist alert system in cars

In a bid to help prevent fatal road accidents, Swedish auto manufacturer Volvo is introducing a new cyclist alert system for cars.

Volvo claims that vehicles equipped with this new system will be able to detect threats such as cyclists suddenly veering into its path. Upon detecting a potential collision, the system will automatically deploy brakes, the company said.

The new technology, unveiled earlier this week at the Geneva Auto Show, will act as a supplement to the company's pedestrian detection technology introduced back in 2010. Volvo says the new cyclist alert and brake system will be added later this year to all seven of its current 11 models that have the pedestrian detection technology.

Those who want a taste of this new technology, made up of a camera in the interior rearview mirror and a radar unit placed at the grille, must place their orders upfront as it can be installed only during the manufacturing phase of the vehicle.

According to a BBC report, Volvo is developing a new feature similar to the pedestrian and cyclist alert systems for detecting animals on a vehicle's path.