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Exclusive: EE to sell Samsung Galaxy S4 from 28 March

A source speaking under the condition of anonymity told ITProPortal that UK mobile phone operator EE will start selling Samsung’s new handset, the Galaxy S4, on 28 March which will be the last Thursday of the month and, incidentally, the last working day before the big four-day bank holiday weekend.

The source told us "the new samsung [Galaxy S4] will be available to pre-order from 28th March".

That’s only two weeks after the official launch of the Galaxy S4 and in comparison, the Galaxy S3 launched, almost four weeks after it was announced in London. The push will happen both instore and online.

The launch to market is likely to happen simultaneously on other networks as well with Phones4U and Three having already put up registration pages. As a reminder, the Galaxy S4 will launch in New York City later this week on 14 March and Samsung has already released the first official picture of the handset via the Twitter account of its US mobile arm.

An early, preliminary analysis of that picture shows that the handset has a smaller display, probably a 4.44in one, and that the S4 could well be smaller than the current S3, a move that would make sense as Samsung tries to differentiate the S4 from the Galaxy Note 2.

It’s worth noting that the S3 Mini has a display size of 4in while that of the Galaxy S2 reaches 4.3in. You can read more about the genesis prior to the launch of the Galaxy S4, from the first rumours to the official confirmation of its existence, on our dedicated article, all you need to know about the S4.

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