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Google gives Gmail mobile web app iOS-inspired update

Google has announced that it is giving its Gmail mobile web app a makeover.

The updated site will look similar to the rebooted Gmail for iPhone and iPad app that Google launched back in December 2012. But since releasing that upgrade, Google said it has received lots of positive feedback from users about the new UI design. To make things a little more consistent, Google has started rolling out a similar look for the mobile web version.

The new design boasts a cleaner looking interface, as well as features such as improved search and better integration with Google Calendar. Users can try out the new Gmail web app by navigating to in the browser of their Android, iOS, BlackBerry, or Kindle Fire device.

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In addition, the Gmail Offline app for Chrome, which allows users to read, respond to, and search mail without an Internet connection, is also getting the same design upgrade.

Gmail version 2.0 hit iOS devices on 4 December, 2012, a day after Android owners received an update for their version of the app. The new streamlined look was the product of six months of work by the Google team, product manager Matthew Izatt said at the time.

Notably, version 2.0 features profile pictures in messages (or a coloured letter corresponding to the contact's first name if no photo is available), new animations, and infinite message list scrolling.

Meanwhile, Google last month said it has reduced the number of compromised Gmail accounts by 99.7 per cent since the number of these hijacking attempts peaked in 2011.