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Google Glass demonstrated at SXSW Interactive

Google has been out and about flaunting Project Glass again, with the search giant showing off its futuristic augmented reality eyewear at South by Southwest Interactive.

During a presentation at the annual technology showcase, Google strutted out a range of apps integrated into Project Glass. Unsurprisingly, Gmail was one of the programmes that took centre stage.

The search giant demonstrated how the webmail client would show an email's subject line and an image of the sender on the headset's screen, after which users could choose how to respond and, if necessary, dictate their reply.

A New York Times app was also revealed during the presentation, and can be seen as a broad template for how news might consumed through wearable technology. Main images, headlines, bylines, and datelines will all be delivered via the Project Glass interface, with the user then prompting the device if they want to read on. Google also said that it was working on a breaking news feature.

Finally, Google showed off some of Project Glass' social functionality: you'll be able to share images via integrated apps like Evernote and Skitch, while Path will offer a curated social networking experience complete with the ability to comment on friends' posts with emoticons. (opens in new tab)

It all sounds pretty impressive, right? According to Google, it's only the beginning.

"This is just where we started with a few friends to test the API in its early stage," commented Google Glass developer evangelist Timothy Jordan.

Engadget (opens in new tab), who helped cover the event, have some images of the apps in action if you're interested.

Elsewhere, Google and one of its Project Glass partners, ConAgra Foods, released a video showing what a typical trip to the supermarket might look like with the benefit of augmented reality gear. The trailer (see below) follows two Google Glass users as they go grocery shopping.

All the core aspects of making a trip to the store - compiling a shopping list, navigating the aisles, investigating nutritional information, calling a family member to double-check recipes - will be seamlessly streamed through Project Glass. Pulling out your smartphone never looked so, well, early-Noughties.

Google unveiled Project Glass in April 2012 (opens in new tab). The augmented reality eyewear is expected to be made available to consumers later in the year.

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