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Kingston introduces pre-sales service for server memory optimisation

The European affiliate of Kingston Technology has revealed a new pre-sales service for its enterprise server clients.

The new service has been branded as KingstonConsult and will complement its pre-existing after-sales service KingstonCare by supporting enterprises during their server configuration decision-making processes. The firm says that it will focus on three key areas – power, capacity and performance - while working with enterprises to guarantee optimal server memory configurations.

"Sub-optimised server configurations are all too common and these can lead to unnecessary capital expenditure or lower ROI for many businesses,"s aid Ann Keefe, Kingston's regional director for the UK and Ireland.

"For the last 25 years Kingston Technology has specialised in memory. Now with our new pre-sales service, KingstonConsult, we are able to provide organisations with industry-leading configuration expertise and advice. This ensures their server configurations are optimised for their specific needs," she added.

The company has said that it will also support its clients in keeping up with constantly evolving and complex server configurations.