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Locals and visitors charged international roaming rates at White Cliffs of Dover

Thanks to its proximity to France, people visiting the seaside village of St Margaret's-at-Cliffe, Kent and its famed White Cliffs of Dover have been charged international roaming rates while using their phones in the area.

The undue charges have been attributed to phones unwittingly connecting to network signals from neighbouring France. The nearest French town of Calais is mere 18 miles from the chalk cliffs.

Residents have complained of being charged 28p for making calls, 7.9p for incoming calls and 8.9p to send text messages – four times the normal charges in Britain.

Although the knowledge is common among locals, many visitors find out only after their shockingly high phone bills come in. Engineers blame the cliffs for blocking out local mobile signals and leaving the village open only to a French connection. They suggest installing transmitters on the beach as the only solution, but the idea is opposed by residents because of said transmitters' unsightliness. For now, the current solution is for locals and visitors to turn off their roaming services in order to connect to the correct signals while in the area.

Image Credit: Flickr (hbarrison (opens in new tab))