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New email spam campaign uses news about Venezuelan leader’s death

After having used Steve Jobs, Osama Bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi, it is now Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's death that cybercriminals are leveraging to launch spam email campaigns.

The emails in question contain theories about the cause of Chavez's death, including what the spammers claim is information about the CIA's involvement in his illness, that lure users into clicking on links that lead to malicious content.

A sample from one such email, as highlighted by research firm Symantec (opens in new tab), reads: "Chávez was a leader who tried to free his people from the grip of people who will do anything to keep the consumer hostage".

As a defence against the campaigns, cyber security experts suggest avoiding random, unsolicited emails containing suspicious content and links.

"Be careful when searching for news and current events," Symantec warned.

Chavez battled with cancer for the last two years and his death was widely rumoured until it was confirmed by the Venezuelan vice president last week.

Image Credit: Flickr (www_ukberri_net (opens in new tab))