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Samsung Galaxy S4: First official picture revealed

We are very much heading down the home straight of the Samsung Galaxy S4 build-up now, and the South Korean manufacturer has thus seen fit to give us the first official glimpse of its new flagship smartphone.

Teased from the Samsung Mobile US Twitter account, the image shows the Galaxy S4 lurking in the shadows, but don’t think you’re seeing any more than around a third of the device just yet.

Nevertheless, even if we could see the whole thing, the evidence we have doesn’t suggest the S4’s appearance alone will have the pulse racing. By all accounts we seem to be dealing a Galaxy S3 look-a-like here (plastic casing again?), so let’s hope it’s the features and software that stand out on the new model.

Clearly more excited are the members of the ‘Samsung Unpacked crew’, as they’ve been photographed (below) whipping Times Square into a frenzy ahead of Thursday’s launch in the Big Apple.

If you feel you’re lagging behind on all this Samsung Galaxy S4 hype, look no further than our rumour and specs round up detailing the S4’s story so far.

Yesterday, meanwhile, we brought together all the intelligence acquired over recent weeks and months to tell you exactly what to expect from the Galaxy S4 unveiling this week.