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Schneider Electric’s Coureil: “Adopting Box is more about efficiency and less about cost savings”

Content management solution provider Box announced today that it will deploy its solution on 50,000 seats at global energy management company, Paris-based Schneider Electric, making it one of the biggest Box implementations to date.

Hervé Coureil, the Chief Information Officer of Schneider Electric, told ITProPortal that even though a traditional ROI analysis was carried out prior to the pilot and subsequent adoption of Box, rolling out the content management solution is more about increasing productivity and efficiency throughout the company than cutting costs.

Although this is bound to happen, Coureil highlighted the fact that it will happen as a peripheral consequence of the adoption of Box.

The latter, he added, would complement rather than replace whole swathes of IT infrastructure although the likes of legacy file servers and similar on-premises hardware, inherited form the 20-or-so past acquisitions the company made, would disappear.

Schneider Electric said in a statement that it chose Box “to address both the users' need for external collaboration and mobile access to content, as well as IT's [sic] requirements for centralized management and security.”

Couriel described Box as a “federation layer” and underlined three main aspects underpinning the Schneider Electric’s decision. The first one hinged on the fact that would allow collaborators within the company to “freely share” data in a heterogeneous environment, using existing IT solutions. Then there’s the mobile factor and the whole BYOD (bring your own device) phenomenon and lastly, the fact that Schneider Electric needed a platform for user generated content.

Box, Couriel carried on, solves a new problem rather than an existing one and makes [infrastructure] diversity more efficient by “making do” with existing IT ecosystems. He hinted at the rapid adoption of Box within S.E by saying that many of those who were part of the pilot test have started to use Box as a verb.

Schneider Electric, which has more than 140,000 employees worldwide, said that it anticipates an increased adoption of the content management solution over the next three years. The original pilot involved 2,000 business users (in the company’s internal communication department) and 2,200 users in its IT department.

Désiré Athow

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