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Seagate officially unveils 4TB desktop HDD

Seagate officially announced the first member of its new desktop hard disk drive family, the Desktop HDD.15, part of its 15th hard drive generation. This model – which carries the model number ST40000DM000 - is the first Seagate internal hard disk drive to come with a 4TB capacity.

It is the first four-platter 4TB hard disk drive on the market, htting an areal density of 625Gb per square inch. Hard drives from Western Digital and its subsidiary, HGST, are five-platter models with an 800GB capacity per platter.

The drive has the highest average data rate on the market according to Seagate, hitting 160MBps while consuming a third less than power compared to the competition.

The Desktop HDD.15 also includes 64MB of cache which Seagate calls Opticache and the company says boost performance by 45 per cent. Other features of the hard drive include a typical idle power consumption of 5W, an average operating power consumption of 7.5W, an average latency of 5.1ms and Seagate’s own DiscWizard software that allows older computer to have access to the whole storage capacity on the hard drive.

The drive carries a suggested retail price of $190 in the US (around £128 in the UK excluding taxes). In comparison, an external 4TB Hitachi Touro DX3 desktop hard drive costs £145 at Ebuyer.

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