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Today's Tech: Samsung Galaxy S4 UK release date, Google Glass demonstrated at SXSW, and the mobile OS landscape analysed

In just over 48 hours, Samsung will officially break cover with its next flagship handset, the eagerly awaited Galaxy S4. However, while we're now counting down the minutes until 19:00 EST (23:00 GMT) on 14 March, one thing that's still up in the air is the Galaxy S4's consumer release date. Or, rather, it was shrouded in mystery - until ITProPortal tapped into its network of industry insiders and dug up an exclusive story. Today, we are pleased to be able to announce the Samsung Galaxy S4's UK release date (opens in new tab), courtesy of an anonymous source inside EE, so follow the link for more on our big scoop.

Now that we know when the Galaxy S4 will be available to purchase, all that remains is to sit back, relax, and wait for our first official glimpse of the next-gen device - which won't happen until the launch itself, right? Maybe not. Samsung today teased its fanbase with the first official photo of the Galaxy S4 (opens in new tab), and while there's much still to be revealed on Thursday night, we do now think we have a decent idea of how the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 compare (opens in new tab). Yup, this photo is the real deal alright, straight from the manufacturer itself, so check out the above stories for a cheeky peek at the handset everyone is talking about this week.

Over the past few years, Android and iOS have secured their spots atop the smartphone market, with Windows Phone and BlackBerry battling it out for their remainders. Still, Google and Apple's combined 90 per cent share of the market has not even more firms from trying their luck - Mozilla recently launched Firefox OS, LG took over webOS and Samsung is said to be doubling down on its Tizen platform. But do we really need a new mobile operating system? And if so, how would it fare? Tim Bajarin explores the current mobile operating system landscape (opens in new tab) to determine whether any of the new players stand a chance against Android and iOS.

Google has gone into overdrive showing off its Project Glass augmented reality eyewear over the past month. And the company flaunted yet more of the glasses' functions during a South by Southwest presentation earlier this week. Google strutted out a range of apps integrated into Project Glass (opens in new tab), including Gmail, the New York Times and Evernote. The firm promised its pet project will include even more functionality by the time it hits shelves. Follow the link for a look at some of the social features of Project Glass and a video demonstration of the glasses at work.

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