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Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S4 goes on preorder for £26 per month on T-Mobile

You can now preorder the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Chitter Chatter, which happens to be an exclusive T-Mobile and EE reseller, for a mere £26 per month with an initial fee of £99. That’s a total cost of ownership of £723 or an effective monthly cost of just over £30 over the duration of the two year contract.

What’s even more interesting is that the plan, which is available on T-Mobile, includes unlimited data (excluding tethering) and unlimited texts plus 500 minutes, which is more than adequate for your average user. Obviously, the S4 is still being listed as coming soon and the key features are being described as TBC or to be confirmed.

In comparison, Chitter Chatter sells the Galaxy S3 for the same price with an initial fee of £50, which leads us to believe that the company could have made a genuine mistake or is using the Galaxy S4 to boost traffic to the site.

But the deal could obviously be a real deal as well with retailers likely to drop the contract price of the S3 immediately after the launch of the S4.

Note that there are three other plans as well. £36 per month gets you unlimited data, unlimited texts and 2,000 minutes. £41 gets you unlimited everything while £31 gets you 1,000 minutes with unlimited data and texts.

We reported exclusively yesterday that the Galaxy S4 will go on preorder on EE from 28 March and you can read more about all that you need to know on the Samsung Galaxy S4 here. Below is the screen capture of the preorder page, just in case Chitter Chatter pulls it.

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