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State of the Android nation: 750 million devices activated globally, 25 billion apps downloaded

Earlier today, Larry Page, Google's CEO, disclosed a few more details regarding where Android currently stands. The OS, he said, has been activated on more than 750 million devices globally thanks to a partnership with over 60 manufacturers which have pushed out a bewildering array of devices such as tablets, smartphones, dongles, computers, laptops, ebook readers and much more.

He also said that more than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from Google Play; That translates into an average of 48 million downloads a day since the launch of Play, nee Android Marketplace, back in October 2008. How does that compare with its main rival, Apple?

More than 40 billion apps have been downloaded from iTunes according to the latest update from the Cupertino-based company issued in January 2013 and by the third week of January 2013, more than 500 million smartphones, tablets and media players powered by iOS had been sold.

More importantly perhaps, Apple still has the upper hand when it comes to the level of fragmentation with a whopping 60 per cent of Apple devices – that’s more than 300 million - already on the latest version of iOS, currently at v6.1.

Page’s announcement came as he announced, in the same blog post, that Sundar Pichar, the current head of Chrome and Apps at Google, would take over Andy Rubin’s role as the head of Android and, in effect, create a business unit that comprises of Chrome, Chrome OS, Apps and Android.