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[Updated] Exclusive: Motorola Razr M smartphone coming to UK

(Ed: Motorola came back to us with an official statement about the RAZR M... "BuyMobilePhone put the RAZR M image up in error and have since removed it. In the UK, our focus continues to be on our fantastic RAZR i and RAZR HD devices. ")

BuyMobilePhone has put a registration page for the Motorola Razr M smartphone on its website. The phone was unveiled back at the beginning of September in New York on the same day the Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 were showcased to the world.

Motorola has released the Razr i, which essentially the same smartphone with an Intel chip, on 18 September and launched the Razr HD in the UK only weeks ago, with prices starting from well under £400.

The Razr M has a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC which offers LTE capabilities (and is the same as the Razr HD). It would make sense to get the Razr M in the same price bracket as the Razr i.

The rest of the hardware specification like the use of premium material like Kevlar, the gorgeous 4.3in 960 x 540 pixel display, Android 4.0 ICS, 1GB of RAM or the 8-megapixel camera have been maintained.

We’ve managed to source the Razr i on pay monthly for as little as £14 per monthy on O2 (which equates to a total cost of ownership of £336). In comparison, Expansys sells the Razr i for £300. Check out our combined review of the Motorola Razr i (XT907) and the Razr M (XT890) smartphones.

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