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Microsoft recovers after severe Hotmail and Outlook outage

Microsoft's online services experienced an outage earlier in the week, with some users unable to access Hotmail, Outlook, SkyDrive, and more.

According to a current status update from the Redmond-based firm, all of its services are now running normally. But it was a different story Wednesday when Hotmail, Outlook, Calendar, and SkyDrive encountered disruptions.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Microsoft's status website said that it was "having problems accessing email," and warned Outlook and Hotmail users that they "might not be able to see all your email messages." Earlier in the evening, Calendar and SkyDrive were also inaccessible.

Some Twitter users reported running into problems throughout Wednesday morning.

"#Outlook still down this morning. Can not synch OneNote on #skydrive," one user tweeted around 10:15 GMT on 13 March.

"Frustrated that #hotmail and #outlook are still down this morning," another used chimed in around 11:45 GMT.

"Looks like my Hotmail is down once again. Seems to be happening a lot recently. Maybe it's their way of getting us to change to Outlook?" yet another user quipped.

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All users of Microsoft's Hotmail service will be switched to Outlook this summer, though users can switch sooner if they want. Microsoft removed the beta tags from in February and made it open to the public.