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Plusnet cuts price of 76Mbps broadband service to £10

Plusnet has cut the price of its 76Mbps fiber broadband offering by half to £9.99 for the first six months of a one-year contract. Which means that the average a customer end up paying over a year will be £179.88 or £14.99 per month.

You will need to add the cost of line rental which currently stands at £13.49 when purchased on a monthly basis and £10.49 when bought one year at a time. In total therefore, the broadband package will cost £25.48 per month.

The bundle also includes upload speeds of up to 20Mbps, a wireless router, UK-based customer support, unlimited usage, included McAfee security, free activation (worth £50), free phone calls during the evening and weekend to UK landlines (including 0870 and 0845 calls).

Users – who will have to quote offer6 at checkout to get the discount - can get anytime calls to UK landlines as well as 300 anytime minutes every month to 35 international destinations for an additional £6 per month. The offer is only valid till 11 April to new customers and the current price assumes that the customer lives in a so-called low cost area.