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Samsung outspends Apple on smartphone advertising

Samsung Electronics went on an advertising spree last year to strengthen its foothold in the US mobile phone market, investing a lot more on product promotions than Apple, according to a report by ad research and consulting firm Kantar Media.

According to the report, the South Korean company in 2011 spent only $78 million (£52 million) advertising its mobile phones in the United States, 300 per cent less than Apple which poured $235 million (£157 million) on product promotions in its domestic market. However, Samsung ramped up its spending significantly in 2012. To wit, the company increased its ad spending within the US to a whopping $401 million (£269 million), pushing ads to the Internet, billboards, TV and so on. Apple also grew its advertising budget in 2012, but at $333 million (£223 million) was outspent by Samsung.

Samsung's aggressive marketing efforts appear to have paid off. comScore reported earlier in the year that by November 2012, Samsung was leading the US mobile phone industry with almost 27 per cent market share, followed by Apple in the second spot with just under 16 per cent.

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