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Google to continue CalDAV support for Windows Phone

Despite Google's decision to end support for its CalDAV sync API later this year, Microsoft may be one of the select few developers "whitelisted" to continue using it.

Google on Wednesday announced that the next few months will see the company withdrawing support from several of its projects, including CalDAV - a popular calendar syncing protocol. However, the search giant will "whitelist" a few developers so they can continue using the CalDAV email protocol and Windows Phone users can take heart in knowing that Microsoft will be one of them.

The Redmond, Washington-based technology giant earlier confirmed that it was working on extending support to both cardDAV and CalDAV protocols for an undisclosed future version of Windows Phone. Microsoft has not yet revealed when users could expect both these protocols on their Windows Phone, but a product manager from the company told German news site Heise Online that the support is likely to arrive within the first half of 2013.

The Windows team won't be adding CalDAV and cardDAV support for those who tried to connect to a Google account via People/Calendar/Mail after 30 January. However, the company made available a guideline for explaining how these users can still synchronise their Google accounts and services with Windows 8 and RT.