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Evernote competitor Google Keep makes brief appearance in Drive

Google recently announced a raft of cancellations of some of its existing products, and we’re now learning that the search giant is choosing to focus its resources elsewhere.

Among the new services possibly being made way for by the shuttering of Google Reader et al. is Google Keep, a note-taking application that briefly surfaced in Google Drive over the weekend, according to Android Police.

The service appeared at,and was discovered by Google+ user 1E100 before disappearing immediately afterwards. Based on the resulting sreenshots, Keep seems to be an Evernote competitor that will allow users to create and manage checklists, take pictures, and collate content saved from the web.

So far, Keep brings to mind a cross between Google Tasks and Google Notebook, a browser-based tool dropped last year.

But this isn’t the first we’ve heard of the note-taking app. Last year, Google accidentally revealed Keep’s existence by prematurely including a “Add to Google Keep” link in a screenshot in a Google+ posting.

There’s no word yet on how far into the development process Keep is, or when we can expect to see an official announcement.

Image Credit: Android Police