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Pebble SDK to bring new watch faces

Despite being plagued by production delays, Pebble is forging ahead into the smart watch market.

Founder Eric Migicovsky announced in a Kickstarter video update that the company is launching a software development kit for Pebble watch faces in April.

The video update included examples of some developer watch faces, including a Mario animation, dragon imagery, and a Snake game in the vein of Nokia’s classic mobile game. The Pebble’s 144x168 pixel display mean that the watch faces are all crude, ‘80s-like designs, some of which were shown off on the Kickstarter page.

But not all of Pebble’s celebrated features will be available on the SDK, the company said.

"The proof-of-concept Pebble watch face SDK will not enable access to the accelerometer (or magnetometer), or communication between watch faces and smartphones,” Pebble wrote on its Kickstarter page.

"It's a work in progress, and there's a 99 percent chance that we're going to be changing a lot of the APIs...but it's an important first step towards shifting our focus towards supporting developers,” the startup added.

Migicovsky also said that 40,000 Pebbles have been assembled so far, as some early investors wait for their watches to arrive.