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Virgin Media to sell Samsung Galaxy S4

Virgin Media (which incidentally appears to have abandoned the name Virgin Mobile at least for press releases) has announced that it will be ranging the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S4. Although it doesn’t say when the device will go on sale, it does offer a registration page for those wanting to be kept informed about future tariffs and plans.

What’s interesting is that Virgin Media will offer some exclusive extras for its broadband and TiVo customers.

Including a £5 discount on monthly tariff, free calls from Virgin Home Phone to Virgin Mobiles during inclusive calling periods, unlimited calls and texts to other Virgin Mobiles, phone insurance with next-day replacement worth nearly £96 per year and three months Spotify for free.

The Galaxy S4 was launched on Thursday evening in New York and represents an evolution of the current Galaxy S3.

Over and above the hardware changes (better processor, better camera, more system memory, bigger and better display), Samsung has added a number of exclusive features like Smart Scroll, Smart Health, ChatON, WatchON, S Travel, S Voice Drive etc.

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